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An important part of your Kempo training will be developing your body to its fullest potential. By developing your strength, endurance and flexibility, you will be able to deal with the rigors of self-defense as well as the day-to-day activities of work, playing with the kids or the stress of the moment.

Classes begin with light warm-ups followed by vigorous calisthenics and then stretching. Some of the exercises you will encounter include pushups, sit-ups and jumping rope. This regimen prepares you for the training you will come across during class. Safety and form are always our number one concern so that we avoid new injuries or aggravating old ones.

At Universal Kempo-Karate Schools, we recognize that each student arrives with a unique set of capabilities and limitations. That is why the training program is adjusted to fit your personal needs. As you progress, you will find yourself adding capabilities and shedding limitations. After a while, the old you will be a memory and the new you will be stronger, happier and more confident.

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